Photography is a way to record time, record memories, but, above anything else, is a way to give voice to feelings.

What started as a tool to record moved more and more to the intimate space where emotions are more important than moments and has become a way to see things from a different angle, a way to see beyond the surface and beyond the visible.

Photography has become a way to tell stories, my story and the story of the people around me.
It is a way to tell a fictional story where every image is turned into a subjective feeling.

It’s a tool to experience, a way to getting closer to others and to myself, a way to reveal what is inscrutable to the eyes through little moments from everyday life.

It often takes a long time before the story is revealed to our eyes.


Born 1981 in southern Italy.
Lives and works in Rome.

After his classical studies, he enrolled in engineering while working as a software developer but soon realized that photography was his real interest. In recent years he has devoted himself more to personal projects, leaving aside the commercial aspect of photography to further develop his own vision and style.

Scuola Romana di Fotografia, Master in Reportage, 2011.
2018 Arja Hyytiäinen (Finland, AgenceVù),
2018 Anders Petersen (Sweden),
2015 Lina Pallotta (ITA/USA),
2012 Michael Ackerman (USA, AgenceVù),
2011 Morten Andersen (Norway),
2010 Patrik Zackman (France, Magnum Photos).\